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For more than 14 years we have been creating customized content for a variety of companies, but predominantly focused on the consumer and trade sides of the travel industry. We have a special passion for African and Latin American destinations, but have also been delighted to branch out to other destinations on request. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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"When Gretchen started writing for Kusini, she very quickly picked up our "voice" and became an indispensable part of our team. She writes exceptionally well and is creative, thoughtful and fast! What would take me 3 hours to write, she can do in 30 minutes! She also single-handedly manages all our social media accounts which saves me a huge amount of time (and headaches). Thanks to her extensive travels in Africa and Latin America, her product knowledge is also top notch. Bottom line, I'm not sure what I'd do without Gretchen. She has been my sanity saver!"

— Tad B.
Owner, travel representation company
"Our collaboration with Pangolin Media has been invaluable from the get go. They are a true partner on strategy, combining fresh ideas with extensive product and destination knowledge. We can count on Pangolin to create virtually any content we require in a timely, professional and creative manner. Our business and I personally have benefited from our collaboration. With an ever-busy schedule, I appreciate their unsupervised execution of plans with success."

- Beth M.
Marketing Director
Consumer-facing travel company
“I have worked closely with Gretchen for over a year now and am always impressed with her ability to produce incredible content, blogging materials and social media interest that we can then utilize to our marketing advantage in the safari / travel industry. Her insatiable appetite for the expansion of her knowledge and experience within our niche makes her an extremely valuable extension to all of our marketing efforts.”

— Chris L. 
Lead marketing strategy, planning & execution
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Why Pangolin?

Check out our testimonials if you'd like to hear what people love about working with Pangolin Media, or contact us to discuss your needs.

This 'Why Pangolin' section is really about pangolins. This extraordinary and elusive animal might be one you've never heard of. Found on the African and Asian continents, there are eight different species of pangolin. The animal is sadly most well known for being the most trafficked mammal on earth. It took our founder 30 trips to Africa to see her first pangolin and fingers crossed she'll see another someday.

Pangolin Media was christened with the knowledge that the name would resonate with those in the African safari industry. It went one step further in starting a lot of conversations about conservation, which has been an added positive. To learn more about this incredible animal and its plight, visit the African Pangolin Working Group or National Geographic.

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